I have no religion!

I have no religion yet i am in all religions at once..I am the Omni-Present spark in all that is living and inanamate..and yet I am not believed or read..what am I then? I am you and you are me..We are one and the same..reaching and striving for understanding of all that is..why do you try so hard?..when it is so simple! Why can you not see me? feel me? hear me? when I talk to you! why is it that you fear me? and yet implore me when you are in times of trouble..I am love and you are love let that be enough for us to know each other and to believe that faith and hope will help us through our learning towards the truth of who you and I truly are..Blessed are those who seek me and find me


True Gratitude

Being in true gratitude for my life goes beyond the material world and consumerism..I am truly amazed at all that i have in my world from the love of my family to many beautiful friends who challenge me in my thinking to the spirit world and the insights they give me..Only when you give up on the material do you really start to see what is out there for you..once you let go and live in acceptance of all that there is and stop trying to hold everything to you does this beautiful world of ours begin to make sense..We are consumed by greed for what we can not have, we are consumed by fear of the unknown, and so we move away from it and push it to the outer reaches of our conscience mind, giving excuses for why it is nothing to do with us..and that it is not our responsibility..We are ALL responsible for the way we live on this beautiful Earth, for the wars and degredation of others, for wanton use of the earths resources and total disregard for others feelings. And yet we often see in time’s of disaster a coming together of all nations to help repair and rebuild the destroyed..When we work collectively as one we can create miracles, love and joy..When we work seperately WE create mistrust, anger and fear..No one is above another, no one is better than another and yet we fight for dominion over others..It is time to stop all wars and to begin to live in a peaceful state of grace allowing each and everyone a voice, allowing others to live as they wish..We can begin with ourselves and take responsibility for how we live our lives, by making conscious decisions to live in PEACE, to work with each other for the greatest good of the entire world not just one nation and to live in harmony with all other nations..so let us make that choice in the here and now to live a peaceful way and in true harmony with the earth and her nations

Never look back!

Never look at another and wish you were them, you may not like what they have. Never try to be something or someone you are not. Always be true to yourself. Walk your truth and walk your path knowing that everything you have and everything you will have is meant to be. Life is for living, to be tried and enjoyed, so live your lif as if it was your last day. The past has gone and the future is not yet here just be in the moment and enjoy.