Never look back!

Never look at another and wish you were them, you may not like what they have. Never try to be something or someone you are not. Always be true to yourself. Walk your truth and walk your path knowing that everything you have and everything you will have is meant to be. Life is for living, to be tried and enjoyed, so live your lif as if it was your last day. The past has gone and the future is not yet here just be in the moment and enjoy.


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I am a Philosopher Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Healer/Master and Medium. I love the work that I do and have seen many things that can not be explained but have a truth that can not be denied..I love helping people and joining two world's together. My spiritual belief is not just a belief system to me but a way of life, away to make sense of the wonderful magical world we share and live upon. I love Writing and Poetry, Positive Thinking and Living, Uplifting Quotes and sharing my insights.

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