I have no religion!

I have no religion yet i am in all religions at once..I am the Omni-Present spark in all that is living and inanamate..and yet I am not believed or read..what am I then? I am you and you are me..We are one and the same..reaching and striving for understanding of all that is..why do you try so hard?..when it is so simple! Why can you not see me? feel me? hear me? when I talk to you! why is it that you fear me? and yet implore me when you are in times of trouble..I am love and you are love let that be enough for us to know each other and to believe that faith and hope will help us through our learning towards the truth of who you and I truly are..Blessed are those who seek me and find me


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I am a Philosopher Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Healer/Master and Medium. I love the work that I do and have seen many things that can not be explained but have a truth that can not be denied..I love helping people and joining two world's together. My spiritual belief is not just a belief system to me but a way of life, away to make sense of the wonderful magical world we share and live upon. I love Writing and Poetry, Positive Thinking and Living, Uplifting Quotes and sharing my insights.

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