A Greedy and Envious eye.

A greedy and envious eye will never find Satisfaction,Love or Peace & will always be left wanting. Do not look for self gain rather look for how to share and receive, by doing this you will find that all that is yours will come to you. Always remember what you give out will ultimately come back to you a hundred fold..so live in peace and harmony with others..Seek happiness from within and see the truth that binds us together..We can be peaceful and live side by side of all our brothers and sisters no matter their Creed, Religion or Colour. Fear and greed lay the foundations of war! If we refuse to fight or to be drawn into fear then war cannot be committed. We are co-creators of our lives and the world we live in..If you would seek change then let that change begin with you for you are the spark of the Omni-Present incarnate and you can live in peace and harmony free from taint of Greed Hate War and Destruction. All is not lost to us if we can raise our living vibration out of the mire of Distrust Fear and Condemnation to a more simple but none the less stronger way of thinking..We are all one and the same striving for Peace and Tranquility to live our live’s in the best way possible. Seeking the truth and the light, Seeking the love and peace, Seeking harmony and tranquility to be who we were born to be..Peace is the wish of all mankind so live in love light and peace.. by Sue Ingleby..